Gate House

Product no.: SP28ECW-01
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Prior to painting, this 40+ individual piece kit has had all of its 'sprue tab debris' removed during assembly. It comes beautifully painted as seen in a red, brown and grey colour pallete.  All doors are painted in various brown tones giving a realistic effect - with the main doors being hinge mounted and can be opened and closed. The interior of the main building has a 'single colourwash' throughout. The roof section - as is the first floor - are removable for figures and accessories to be placed inside. This style of Gatehouse is great as a fortified point of entry into a town, castle of manor house. First seen in the Middle Ages, many examples of these gate houses are still in evidence across Europe, making this a picturesque addition to a period setting. 

  It is ideal for skirmish gaming or larger battles.