Temple Under Construction

Product no.: SPSR28-17
Price excl delivery
Delivery weight: 1 kg

Our Sarissa Temple Under Construction comes painted as seen in a white and brown 'colour pallete'.  All of the building has numerous layers of shading and darker weathering shades, really make the building stand out aesthetically.  Splattered with paint from previous construction projects, the scaffolding sections show historical usage and wear.  Yet to be installed windows and door are loose and can be placed anywhere desired.  We have added detritus to the scaffolding base.  The A frame crane comes roped with a soon-to-be positioned column in situ.

Included in the price are the remaining components from Footsores - Blood on the Aventine - Scenario Starter Box Set

  • Gangs of Rome A4 Full Rulebook
  • Blood on the Aventine Scenario
  • 6 x Single piece fighters
  • 6 x Named fighter cards
  • 16 x Equipment/Skill Coins and cards featuring four unique coins for this scenario
  • 1 Gaul watchman, Incola card and base
  • 1 x Personal Influence Marker card
  • 6 x Activation pebbles (3 x 2 different colours)
  • 7 Roman numeral dice
  • 2 x MDF Movement rulers
  • 6 x Jigsaw Base
  • 6 x Sets of flesh tokens
  • 2 x sets of ID markers ( 1 - 3, two colours)
  • 1 x Objective token



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