28mm Coastal and Sea Tiles

28mm Coastal and Sea Tiles

Due to the size of the tiles and the shipping costs associated with sending and insuring such large items, there is a £20 (flat charge) on all UK deliveries - irrelevant of how small or large you order is.  As such we kindly request you forward us your order via the "pro-forma"  or get in touch with one of our team at info@adrianswalls.co.uk.  Once received, we will calculate the total cost of your order including shipping and we will forward you a PayPal invoice to complete your order.

All Adrian's Walls Terrain Tiles are hand sculpted and hand painted.  Depending on the size of your order there is approximately an 8 week production time for delivery.  Please keep this in mind if you are ordering your tiles for a specific event, show or game.

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Beach Terrain Tile

Product no.: TTC-01

£60.00 *

Estuary Terrain Tile

Product no.: TTC-02

£60.00 *

Cliff Terrain Tile

Product no.: TTC-03

£0.00 *

Sea Terrain Tile

Product no.: TTC-04

£22.50 *

Sea Terrain Tile (Half Tile)

Product no.: TTC-05

£17.50 *
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