28mm Arid Tiles

28mm Arid Tiles

Due to the size of the tiles and the shipping costs associated with sending and insuring such large items, there is a £20 (flat charge) on all UK deliveries - irrelevant of how small or large you order is.  As such we kindly request you forward us your order via the "pro-forma"  or get in touch with one of our team at info@adrianswalls.co.uk.  Once received, we will calculate the total cost of your order including shipping and we will forward you a PayPal invoice to complete your order.

All Adrian's Walls Terrain Tiles are hand sculpted and hand painted.  Depending on the size of your order there is approximately an 8 week production time for delivery.  Please keep this in mind if you are ordering your tiles for a specific event, show or game.

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Plain Very Sparse Vegetation Terrain Tile

Product no.: TTA-01

£27.50 *

Plain Sparse Vegetation Terrain Tile

Product no.: TTA-01A

£30.00 *

Plain Heavy Vegetation Terrain Tile

Product no.: TTA-02

£32.50 *

Plain Arid Terrain Tile (Half Tile)

Product no.: TTA-03

£20.00 *

Hillock Terrain Tile

Product no.: TTA-06

£45.00 *

Spur Terrain Tile

Product no.: TTA-07

£45.00 *

Hill Plateau Terrain Tiles (2 tile pack)

Product no.: TTA-08

£100.00 *

Dry Wadi Terrain Tile

Product no.: TTA-09

£45.00 *

Dry Wadi Terrain Tile (with rocky outcrops)

Product no.: TTA-10

£55.00 *
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