Town Walls Pack

Product no.: BR28-07
Price excl delivery
Delivery weight: 1.5 kg

7x painted Town Wall sections.  Our Town Walls Pack has 2x long straight sections (29.5cm x 5.5cm), 1x Chinese archway section (29.5cm x 8cm), 2x small straight sections (12cm x 5.5cm) and 2x 90 degree corner sections (5.5cm x 5.5 cm).  Each section is free standing having a decorative 'base step' for stability.  The walls feature various weathered and erroded detailing in the castings.  This detailing includes chipped and broken plaster and exposed brickwork.  All the sections come painted in various shades of brown and off-white detailing for added aesthetics.  The overall length of this pack is 1.3m.  Individual castings of the sections are available to be purchased separately to further extend the walls.

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