Viking Longship (Green Sail Variant)

Product no.: DA28-13G
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The Longship comes with:- 38cm x 9cm (at widest) boat hull, cast mast (20cm in height) with sail spar and sail (20cm in width), sail mast roping, 3x different and inter-changeable Bow Sculptures, rudder section, 14x metal oars. No need to source your own wood/doweling and make your own masts and sail spar. No need to find fabric/material to make your own sails! The mast section comes already assembled and is just glued into place. The rudder section comes completely assembled and just requires to be glued onto the boat hull (in the locating hole on the hull casting). The oar holes in the hull casting allow for the oars to be placed at an angle in the water or 'pulled onto the boat deck'.

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