Viking Jetty

Product no.: DA28-13JETTY
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Fully painted Viking Jetty.  The jetty features a raised jetty section which stands approx. 2cm above the waterline.  It is supported by 4 Nordic Eagle Totems at each corner.  Helping support the jetty are shorter under-supports which sit under the jetty section itself.  A slipway joins to the jetty and this can be angled wherever required to drop down onto a beach, embankment or harbour setting.  The jetty and slipway have a rough hewn design along with "wooden peg" rivets decorating the lengths of each section along the outer edges.  4 ramshackled "mooring posts" sit at various positions.  The set also includes 2 small beached Viking rowing boats.  The boats are based with either grass or beach.  Please select 2x grass or 2x beach or 1 of each.  (Please make your choice on the "Ordering and comments:" section of your order.)   Dimensions: Jetty approx. 30cm, Slipway approx. 10cm, Totem height approx. 11cm.

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