Frozen City 'Metropolis'

Product no.: FCBM-01
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Delivery weight: 4.5 kg

Our Frozen City Metropolis Pack comprises 1 each of the pre-painted resin casting packs - (FCB-01 to FCB-08).  This Metropolis has a free and exclusive giveaway which comprises of a Mound of Skulls and Skeleton Gibbet castings.  This giant pack gives you the ability to build the ultimate ruined city for your Frostgrave adventures and utilising the various structures, statues, ruined doorways etc will allow you to enjoy the various scenarios that feature in Frostgrave and it's supplements.  This pack has a saving of £10 over buying the items individually and you also get the exclusive free Mound of Skulls and Skeleton Gibbet!    Please note this pack does not include the gaming mat.

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