Tent - Crusader Army Camp

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Our fully painted Crusader Army Camp consists of our Lords Tent (HL28-15), our Crusader Tent Pack (HL28-16) and also our Crusader Camp Vignette Pack (HL28-13).  The fully painted Lords Tent comes with a removable roof to allow figures and tent equipment to be placed inside.  Inside the tent is a "wooden" central support which has various pieces of knights armour laid around the bottom.  The tent is painted in various shades of cream and white with red detailing for maximum aesthetic realism. The Encampment features features 4 individual 'ram-shackle' campaign tents - one large, one medium and two small. The style of the encampment has a specific look of an army on the move with the roof sections of each tent resembling hastily erected pole supports covered with various cloth and cape coverings. The encampment's style and appearance portrays the low relief tented style for Middle Eastern, African or Asiatic regions. As can be seen in the photos, they have distinctive European army aesthetic colourways and are perfectly styled for your Warriors, Crusaders and even Pilgrims on the march!  Also included are 4 different styled, fully painted camp vignettes suitable for either Knights Crusaders or Holy Land Pilgrims.  The 4 different castings represent:- various stools and earthernware pots around a camp fire, a folded tent ready for erection, various 'birds of prey' wooden cages along with an assortment of other crates and earthernware pots and a 4th vignette which features various Crusader weapons, armour and shields.  The Army Camp has a £7.50 saving over buying the packs individually.

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