Small Silo Pack (Grey)

Product no.: 40KSIL-07
Price excl delivery
Delivery weight: 0.6 kg

Our Small Silo Pack consists of 2x Small Silos (which are one piece castings).  It features rivet and bolt detail on the support stanchions and the lower pipe flange has a valve wheel for added aesthetics.  Each silo features two flanged inlet pipes, each with a removable flange to allow extra pipework from any of our pipework packs to be added.  The silo is designed in such a way that a number of small silos can be stacked one on top of another.  For even greater aesthetics, also included in this pack is a subterranean down pipe which can be fitted on the lower silo for the contents to be piped underground.  The subterranean down pipe can be detatched from the silo to make two individual silos if required.  These silos can be used with any of our other silos/refineries/pipework packs.

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